Antifogging glass for refrigerated show windows

Aglatec production fulcrum is antifogging glass for refrigerated show windows. The various techniques applied are according to the client's need in terms of performance and cost.
There are two categories:
Passive Glasses - They are insulated glasses (with one or more chambers). The internal and external insulation is given by the thermal inertia of the air contained within the glasses and the low emission typical of the special glasses eventually used.
Active Glasses - When the passive insulation is not enough to maintain divided the two temperatures (internal/external), there is a progressive cooling of the glass external side. With certain temperature conditions and dump, the glass will be firstly covered with dew, and with condensation drops immediately after. To avoid the steam condensation, the external glass is electrically heated up to reach a surface temperature close to the room one.
The heating can be applied not only to insulated glasses but also to laminated and monolithic ones (whenever the applied tension value allows to work in safety).

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Thanks to the use of dedicated laser, we are able to perform sophisticated machining, almost invisible, that allow us to equilibrate thermally glass panels with different shapes and non-specular, in most we can diversify within the same panel zones with greater or lower temperature (Patented Model).

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